Clary Sage the pancea of perfumes.

I Am Ascent organic perfume + FREE hand sanitiser 


Sage the panacea which preserves health and youth. It is obtained from branches and flowers with aromatic scent of fresh and green with a hint of floral notes creating sweetness. It is combined with patchouli, vetiver, and frangipani, black pepper, neroli, petitgrain, and grapefruit. The fusion of essential oils creates a scent that is slightly smoky and spicy peppery. Creating a fresh sweet herbaceous overall profile.


Clary sage is preferred to other sages for long cures with no toxicity.  Its well-developed leaves and large odoriferous flowers shaped to receive the bodies of bees indicates its affinity for all process of life and creation, even procreation. It goes even further; reduced for years to a few small leaves close to the ground, it suddenly developed wide, thick leaves and extravagant flowers atop high, square stems, suggesting the quiet confidence and radiance of a pregnant woman. It was preeminently the plant of women in their creative process and was particularly indicated to induce and promote pregnancy.     


Loved by women who like green herbaceous men's perfumes. The profile brings a fresh start of the day and is also used by men as aftershave perfume.


Main Notes: Frangipani Absolute . Clary Sage . Black Pepper  

Profile: green fresh herbaceous light scent with a hint of sweetness

Gender: Women's and Men's perfume

Age: Suits all age





We ship 30ml, 50ml, and 100ml organic perfumes globally.

Orders over AUD $150 within Australia free shipping.

Orders over AUD $600 overseas free shipping.



How we make our organic Perfumes.


  1. No Phthalates. 

  2. No Parabens.

  3. No synthetic chemical ingredients (emulsifiers and preservatives).

  4. No petroleum-derived ingredients.

  5. No "Parfum" - Parfum ingredients on perfumes and other cosmetic and skincare products can have undisclosed contaminants that are toxic to you. Most of the ingredients are made from petroleum and non-bio derived materials.

  6. No carcinogenic ingredients.

  7. The concentration of essential oils is formulated in compliance with TGA skin tolerance level.   

  8. The ethyl alcohol used is made with pure distilled wheat or sugarcane using yeast during the process of distillation, which is plant-derived. No toxic chemicals are used during its distillation. No denaturant is used in our ethyl alcohol. It is certified organic. It is food grade. 

  9. Our perfumes are made with 100% natural ingredients and at least made with 96% certified organic botanical. This means no toxic chemicals are used when planted, harvested, and distilled.

  10. No animal fragrance and not tested on animals.

  11. Ingredients used are based on scientifically randomized controlled test and studies. 

  12. Ingredients are traceable and at least 96% produced in Australia. It is a Certified Product of Australia and Certified Australian Made and Owned.

  13. We use essential oils to create your scent and we disclose this on our label.

  14. Our perfumes have gone through an independent audit of it being vegan and 100% plant-derived. It is certified vegan and cruelty-free by Vegan Australia Org and PETA.


Our perfumes are committed to the needs of modern consumers of perfumes and cosmetic products. Looking for a healthier alternative free of toxic ingredients that cause hormone and endocrine imbalances.


Below is a link that you can watch about how "Parfum" ingredient on perfumes, cosmetic, and skincare products are used and components are undisclosed. This has raised concerns to thousands of consumer worldwide. Note that this ingredient is also used on hand sanitisers and other skincare products on retail, grocery, and chemist shops. You can watch this on our youtube channel.




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Amacyn is a maker and designer of luxury artisan organic and natural perfumes in Sydney Australia. We specialise in contemporary modern perfume using pure natural and organic essential oils as its key ingredients to create the profile. We are about making first to market natural perfumes, designed with Australian native plant extracts. Amacyn organically is the first and only Australian natural perfumer that makes natural perfume smell like branded luxury perfumes. We believe in the synthetic-free world hence our ingredients do not have fragrances, isolates and synthetic chemicals. 

Amacyn natural perfumes is an Australian owned, Product of Australia. We are a licensee of the Product of Australia logo. This means that our operation in Australia on where and how we made our perfumes are independently audited and verified by the Australian Made Campaign Ltd. This also means that all of our perfumes significant ingredients come from Australia; and All, or nearly all of the manufacturing or processing has been carried out in Australia. It is one of the highest certification in Australia.

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